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of The Americana, in Order to form a more perfect restaurant, establish relaxation, insure a celebration, provide for the uncommon libation, promote the jubilation, and secure the Blessings of a great Happy Hour to ourselves and our customers, do ordain and establish this Website for The Americana.


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Your Americana is probably the best completely new watering holes with Baltimore. In Canton, Your Americana has an superb menu, wonderful take in collection and also incredible setting.We at The Americana strive to provide every one of our customers with an experience they will not forget. Whether you are out on a first date, bringing the family out to eat, or hanging out with the boys, The Americana will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere to eat and drink. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Canton Square, walk two blocks and actually enjoy your evening out.

Our foundation is based on the essence of what our country is founded on. Immigrants that came to this country looking for a better life. Families that worked together to build a future for their children. Communities that bonded together to become what our nation is known for around the world. We are a tight nit family at The Americana and our doors are always open to come and spend time with us. Our surrounding community of Canton is our lifeblood; without them we would have no one to serve. Giving back to those who give so much truly means a great amount to The Americana. Our doors are always open to everyone.

We invite you to come to The Americana as a stranger to the place and leave as a friend.

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